Praise for 'If It Wasn't Love'

Peter Tatchell | renowned Human Rights Activist

The moving personal odyssey of a brave, idealistic gay Catholic priest, from hope to despair and back to hope again. An inspiring testament of how truth, love and compassion triumphed over lies, hate and indifference. Bravo! 

Sylvia Hutchinson | Group Analyst
A personal and powerfully engaging account of a priests struggle as a gay man in the Catholic church, to remain true to himself and his faith in the face of the authority of the church and extreme persecution. He brings to his experience a depth of understanding and analysis.

James Alison | Priest, Theologian and Author
It is reported that angels, forlornly searching the earth for signs of life in the wake of the human and ecclesiastical devastation caused by AIDS and the responses of Church officialdom, spotted Bernárd Lynch half submerged in the rubble. Stunned at the rarity of what they were seeing, they beamed back to HQ: “By God, a human! A living human being!”. May these pages give you, as they gave me, a sense of wonderment at the holy possibilities of the stretched human heart, and the broad, broad priestly shoulders, which Bernárd is bearing up from under the weight of intolerable loss. 

Diarmuid O'Murchu | Missionary, Author, and Psychologist
This is a personal story inscribed in pain and passion, discovery and breakthrough, with a transparency to truth that feels as shocking as it is liberating. Would that we had more people who could be so incarnationally honest and real.

Jim Cotter | (Cairns Publications), ordained Anglican, author of Good Fruits, Pleasure, Pain and Passion, and Quiverful.
A companion book to Bernárd Lynch; A Priest on Trial, If it Wasn’t Love shines a necessary if often uncomfortable bright light on the personal, political and spiritual dimensions of our half -understood and half-lived sexuality.

John McNeill | Priest and Author of classic work The Church and the Homosexual
Bernárd Lynch was a pioneer in NYC in his work with the GLBT Catholic community and he was one of the first to institute a ministry to AIDS victims. We sorely miss him!