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Veja - O tabu da homossexualidade entre os padres - 26 February 2021

Opening Doors London - LGBTQ+ History Month - 25 March 2021

Bernard Lynch 
“I studied for priesthood in Northern Ireland from 1966 to 1972. During summer vacation from my studies I worked in order to earn money to help pay for my education. This picture was taken before going to New York to work as a singing waiter in 1969”

National Catholic Reporter - LGBTQ blessings service kicks off Pride month for Catholics (Bernárd's blessing starts at 11:50) - 2 June 2021

YouTube Video

BBC Radio 5 - Older LGBT+ people tell their stories by Nihal Arthanayake - 8 June 2021

London Irish LGBT Network - From Ennis to New York To London Pride 2021 by Bernárd Lynch - 16 June 2021


A foreword for Forbidden Fruit - Life and Catholicism in Contemporary Ireland - 18 January 2020

Tribute: Danny Barnes (1944-2020) - 5 June 2020

A tribute by The Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity (CSGD) - 29 June 2020

Washington Blade - Celebrating queer icons during LGBT History Month - 1 October 2020

Equality Forum - LGBT History Month 2020 Icons - 14 October 2020

Highland Radio - Pope Francis’ support for civil unions (starting from 56:15) - 22 October 2020

Kildare FM - LGBT Groups Welcome Pope's Comments On Same Sex Unions - 22 October 2020

Newstalk - Catholic Church attitude to homosexuality caused 'soul murder in the lives of young people' - 22 October 2020

RTE Radio 1 - Pope Francis voices support for same-sex civil union's - 22 October 2020

BBC Sunday Sequence - Same sex unions - a Holy Sea change? - 25 October 2020

Gay Community News - Queer Culture Ireland launches with an HIV/AIDS Exhibition to mark World AIDS Day 2020 - 17 November 2020


The Irish Times - The Irish LGBTQ diaspora: Dusty Springfield, Eileen Gray, Fr Bernárd Lynch - 25 June 2019

The 2019 Presidential Distinguished Service Awards for the Irish Abroad

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Presidential Distinguished Service Awards for the Irish Abroad for 2019 - 30 September 2019

IrishCentral - Irish Repertory Theatre founders to receive Presidential Distinguished Service Award - 1 October 2019

The Irish World - President’s recipients in Britain for Distinguished Service Awards - 2 October 2019

Irish in Britain - The 2019 Presidential Distinguished Service Awards for the Irish Abroad announced - 2 October 2019

Gay Community News (GCN) - Irish gay priest to receive Distinguished Service Award - 29 October 2019

The Irish Times - Irish gay Catholic priest to be honoured by President Higgins - 29 October 2019

The Irish Post - Gay Irish Catholic priest to receive Distinguished Service Award from President Michael D Higgins - 30 October 2019

Clare FM - Fr Bernárd Lynch To Receive Distinguished Service Award - 6 November 2019

Clare Echo - President Higgins to honour Clare priest Fr Bernárd Lynch - 10 November 2019

New Ways Ministry - Ireland’s President to Award Gay Priest with Top Honor for Serving Nation’s Diaspora - 20 November 2019

The Irish Times - Higgins: Moral question of how Irish treat immigrants must be a concern : President made comments while speaking at ceremony honouring 12 Irish emigrants - 21 November 2019

We Are Church Ireland - Vatican hypocrisy and hopes for our church - 11 November 2019

The Irish Times - Sexuality and spirituality are the ‘same pure water’ – Catholic priest - 11 November 2019 - Church's LGBT stance promotes promiscuity, says priest - 12 November 2019

Soul Wave Radio - Sexuality and Salvation | mp3 - 14 November 2019

Dominusvobiscuit (blog) - Vatican Hypocrisy - 16 November 2019


Queer & Catholic by Mark Dowd. Published by Darton, Longman & Todd Ltd. 2017

Church Times - Queer and Catholic: A life of contradiction by Malcolm Johnson - 9 March 2018

The Irish Mail on Sunday - Gay people still get no welcome from the pulpit despite rhetoric of Pope Francis - 8 April 2018

Free Speech TV - GAY USA: TV’s Weekly LGBT News Hour - 30 May 2018

Ireland votes overwhelmingly to let their parliament allow some abortions and our guests with analysis are Irish LGBT activists Anne Maguire and Rev. Bernárd Lynch.

The Sunday Times - Gay activists led by Ursula Halligan petition Pope to change 'insulting language' prior to WMF in Dublin - 10 June 2018

RTE News - LGBT activists and campaigners commended by Taoiseach - 24 June 2018

Soul Waves Radio - Questioning Celibacy - 5 July 2018

Fr Bernárd Lynch is a Catholic priest who is gay and married. His journey has caused controversy, but he argues that he is living true to who he is. He further argues that very few priests are called to celibacy and that not many of them are living up to its expectations.

Soul Waves Radio - The Nature of God - 12 July 2018

In this second part of our [3-part] series with Fr Bernárd Lynch, a Catholic priest who is gay and married, he talks about his life journey – coming out as gay as well as meeting his husband Billy Desmond.

Soul Waves Radio - Dying in Despair - 19 July 2018

In this final piece [of a 3-part series] with Fr Bernard Lynch, he talks about being at the side of gay men and administering to their spiritual needs as they were dying with AIDS. He said many of them died in despair, in particular any priest who was gay. The Vatican’s only response, he says, was to blame gay men for the own death, something which he says they would never dream of saying to someone dying from lung or liver cancer.

Abbey Theatre Talks Series: Other Voices: Rev. Bernárd J. Lynch: Come on Home - 25 July 2018

The Reverend Bernárd J. Lynch talks with Lisa Farrelly about Phillip McMahon's Come on Home on the Peacock Stage, coming out as a gay cleric and how the history that produces us can never be given away.

The AIDS Memorial: Bernárd J. Lynch (1) (2) (3) - 30 August 2018

"With so many tributes to loved ones who fell victim to HIV/AIDS, I want to pay tribute to one man who has devoted his life to caring for those with HIV and AIDS."

Vogue - The AIDS Memorial on Instagram Has Become a Must-Read Remembrance of Those We’ve Lost - 28 June 2018

Clare People - Launch of 'Go Make Disciples of All Nations' - 18 December 2018


Marriage - 27 January 2017

The Irish Times - Catholic priest from Co Clare marries long-time boyfriend – 27 January 2017

The Irish Sun - 'A BEAUTIFUL CEREMONY' Irish Catholic priest marries long-term boyfriend in touching service – 27 January 2017

Irish Mirror - Gay Irish priest marries his long time partner in heartwarming ceremony – 27 January 2017

PinkNews - First ever Catholic priest to enter civil partnership marries long-term partner – 27 January 2017

The Journal - Gay priest marries long-term partner in 'beautiful' ceremony in Clare – 28 January 2017

Clare.FM - Clare Priest Marries Partner in Same Sex Marriage – 28 January 2017

Gayburg - Si è sposato il primo prete cattolico ad essersi unito civilmente con un'altro uomo – 29 January 2017

The Clare Herald - Gay Clare priest marries long-term partner – 29 January 2017

The Irish Times - Married gay priest says Catholic Church has got God’s message ‘very wrong’ – 31 January 2017

Clare People – Clare’s first gay marriage – 31 January 2017

Clare.FM - Morning Focus interview with Bernárd Lynch and Billy Desmond (audio recording) - 31 January 2017

The Clare Champion – Bernard and Billy tie the knot – 3 February 2017

RTE News - Nationwide with Anne Cassin: Special Ventine's Day Edition (Bernárd's and Billy's story starts at 16:40) - 13 February 2017

New Ways Ministry's Bondings 2.0 Bloc - On St. Valentine’s Day: A Romantic Story of Gay Love Fulfilled - 14 February 2017

Gay City News - New York Gay, AIDS Pioneer Bernárd Lynch Weds - 16 February 2017

TV3 Ireland AM - Marriage Equality - 22 February 2017

Bronntanas LGBTQI

The Clare Champion – Newly-married couple to establish LGBT charity in the county – 3 February 2017

Honoured Guests of the President of Ireland

The Herald - Gay priest praises 'gracious and hospitable' Michael D – 4 February 2017

Clare People – Newly Weds Honoured at Áras – 7 February 2017

Classic Hits 4FM - Should The Catholic Church Be More Accepting Of The LGBT Community? - 11 July 2017


Pope Francis Amoris Laetitia (The Joy of Love) - April 2016

BBC World Service - Bernard J. Lynch, "There is no compassion in the approach to the complexities to gender identities. He says that we should not be exposed to violence and harm but the countries who criminalise us are not condemned." (starting from 30:00) - 8 April 2016

Dignity USA - Marianne Duddy-Burke, "Clearly, Church officials, up to and including Pope Francis, still have little idea of the reality of LGBT people’s faith, lives, and family situations." - 8 April 2016

Irish Times - April 2016
Dear Madam,

I found Breda O’Brien’s article on Love In The Family excellent. In fact it was in some ways more inspiring than the Pope’s Apostolic Exhortation on the Joy of Love. Unlike Pope Francis’ letter it did not mention LGBTI people or our families. While the Holy Father exhorts that LGBTI people be treated with respect and consideration and without discrimination he unfortunately relegates our love in marriage as second rate. In holding to this approach, the Pope inadvertently continues to gloss over the infuriating, insulting and wounding dichotomy between regularly expressing love, respect and compassion for LGBTI people and at the same time implicitly or explicitly condemning us for loving as nature and God intended. He shows little understanding of the complexities of transgendered and intersex people. This is particularly tragic in light of the recent findings of the LGBTI Ireland report and the high levels of self harm and attempted suicide among LGBTI people. Hopefully, Pope Francis, who is a good listener and compassionate shepherd, will listen to those of us who will tell him his work is not finished here. We deserve better from a man of God.

Mise le meas,

Bernárd J. Lynch
Co-Chair London Irish LGBT Network


The Irish Times - ‘I was living in the shadows of my friends who had died of Aids’ - 4 February 2015

The Marriage Referendum - May 2015

The Clare Champion
Friday, May 1, 2015
I was deeply impressed by my fellow Clare man, Brian Sheehan’s ‘Opinion’ in the Clare Champion, on Friday, April 24th. I sincerely hope that once again in our history, ‘where Clare leads, Ireland will follow’.
As co-Chair of London Irish LGBT Network I would like to offer the Network’s unreserved support for the Marriage Equality Referendum on May 22nd. As part of the Diaspora over the past forty years, I have time and again encountered Irish LGBT people alienated from the land of their birth because of who they are and who they love. We cannot always right past wrongs. A vote for Marriage Equality would be a giant step in the right direction. A Yes vote would also show a nation at ease with itself and taking its place with its progressive European and world partners. 
Mise le meas,
Revd. Dr. Bernárd J. Lynch
(On behalf of London Irish LGBT Network)

Clare FM - Morning Focus with John Cook - 8 May 2015

The Outmost - Ireland has Broken The Shackles Of The Catholic Church - 25 May 2015

Andy Humm
23 May at 20:17
My friend ,Father Bernard J. Lynch, the great veteran activist in the US, UK, and Ireland reflects in Gay City News on the tremendous victory in his native land today. He writes, "Today, by voting to open marriage to same-sex couples, Ireland has chosen independence from the Roman Catholic Church."
See post

Camden Review - Bernárd Lynch - the 'Aids Priest' - 11 June 2015

Gay City News (NYC) - Pope to LGBT Catholics: No “In” at the Room - 17 September 2015

Gay City News (NYC) - Father John McNeill, Gay Catholic Pioneer, Dead at 90 - 25 September 2015

Father John McNeill with his husband Charlie Chiarelli, in 2012. | GARRY RISSMAN

John McNeill, Priest Who Pushed Catholic Church to Welcome Gays, Dies at 90 - 25 September 2015 - The making of Pope Francis, rockstar pontiff - September 2015
| watch (password: PF001) |

Catholic Synod on the Family Begins - 4 October 2015

Gay City News (NYC) - John McNeill: An Appreciation - 6 October 2015

Gay City News (NYC) - Catholic Bishops to Gays: You’re Still Going to Hell - 29 October 2015

“Not much expected, not much accomplished,” said out gay Father Bernárd Lynch, a London-based psychotherapist and author who has tried to move his Church on LGBT issues for decades. “Some, it seems, wanted to get the language used about us — ‘disordered in our nature and evil in our love’ — changed, but not even this tokenistic Christian gesture could get approval. Imagine if we used such language about racial minorities or Jewish people. We would rightfully be taken to the World Court of Human Rights. The mind boggles as to what Gospels these people are reading.”

The Tablet, 7 November 2015, has an excellent theological reflection by James Alison on the 2015 Synod’s Final Report. Not on-line are the following responses:
Fr Bernárd Lynch - There was not much expected, or indeed much accomplished, by the synod in relationship to LGBT people. Some, it seems, wanted to get the language used about us changed, but not even this most fundamental Christian gesture could get approval. Imagine if we used such language about racial minorities or Jewish people; we would rightfully be taken to the European Court of Human Rights. The final document not only failed to drop old, bigoted language against gay sex and orientation, it found new words to oppose same-sex marriage, saying that it is not even “remotely analogous” to man-woman marriage. Pope Francis has declared a Jubilee Year of Mercy to begin 8 December. I trust that his own fundamental goodness and human compassion will allow him to move the Church ever closer to the Gospel in relationship to the lost, the last and the least in all of us.


Father Lynch discusses President McAleese Edinburgh address on the Catholic Church & Homosexuality with George Hook on The Right Hook, Newstalk Ireland - 8 January 2014

The Irish News - Father Bernárd Lynch discusses President McAleese Edinburgh address on the Catholic Church - 9 January 2014

The Sunday Times - In the closet: Mary McAleese’s comments about the prevalence of homosexuality in the priesthood have struck a nerve - 12 January 2014

RTE Radio 1 Today with Sean O'Rourke & Brian O' Connell - 15 January 2014

On March 16 2014, WE MADE HISTORY in the London St. Patrick's Day Parade as the first LGBT Group to participate - 17 March 2014

Gay City News (NYC) - Activists Demand Full St. Patrick’s Day Inclusion in 2015 or Boycott Continues - 9 September 2014

My participation in Outside Source with Ros Atkins on Outside Source; it is brief and to the point on the Synod in Rome - 6 October 2014

International Business Times - Gay Catholics Welcome In The Church? Vatican Comments Yield ‘Cautious Optimism’ - 14 October 2014

BBC Radio 5 - Chris Warburton and Sam Walker present Sunday's main news stories - 19 October 2014

RTE Radio (Ireland) - Final Synod document disappoints gay community - October 2014

Fr Bernárd Lynch, an openly gay Catholic priest, reacts to the rejection by bishops of proposals for wider acceptance of gay people and divorcees

Clare FM (Ireland) - Morning Focus with Marian Egan - 21 October 2014

The Clare Champion - If I lied, I'd still be a priest - 24 October 2014

“If I did lie, if I did pretend, I'd have a job. ... Whereas lies and hypocrisy are rewarded, as much in Ireland as the UK ... "


BBC Radio 4 - Joe Stanley, Fr. Bernárd Lynch and others discuss closure of Soho Masses - 6 Jan 2013

The Independent - Archbishop Kicks Out Gay Catholics - 3 January 2013

The Tablet - Archbishop ends church's gay Masses - 5 January 2013

Herald on Sunday - 3 March 2013

HARDTALK - Zeinab Badawi speaks to Fr. Bernárd Lynch - Priest & Psychotherapist - 5 Mar 2013

The Catholic Church has been rocked by not one but two shock and surprise resignations. First, Pope Benedict steps down after announcing he was too old and infirm for the office. Then Britain's most senior Catholic, Cardinal Keith O'Brien, resigned after allegations - which he contests - of inappropriate behaviour towards priests 30 years ago. His departure has once again put the spotlight on the Catholic Church's attitudes towards homosexuality.

Zeinab Badawi speaks to Father Bernard Lynch, one of a few openly gay Catholic priests. How will the church recover from these embarrassing blows at a time of historic transition?

LGBT Religious Archives Network - friends submitted rememberances of Fr. Bernárd Lynch - 7 March 2013

BBC TODAY - New Pope should 'Sieze the Nettle' - 12 March 2013

The Story - Father Bernard Lynch Fights For A Place In The Church - 13 March 2013

BBC Today - Cristina Odone, and Bernárd Lynch, a Catholic priest, discuss the reaction to the news from members of the Catholic Church - 14 March 2013

Gay City News (NYC) - Pope Francis ‘Inflammatory’ in Opposition to LGBT Rights - 18 March 2013

Gay City News (NYC) - A Kinder, Gentler Dolan? - 10 April 2013

Today FM (Ireland) with Matt Cooper - - 30 July 2013

David Quinn (Iona Institute) and Father Bernard Lynch (gay Catholic Priest) discuss Pope Francis' latest comments, "Who am I to judge", on homosexuality and the Church.

BBC World Service Weekend with Julian Worricker - 4 August 2013

Gay City News (NYC) - Francis in flight: Second coming or Papal Bull - 7 August 2013

Gay City News (NYC) - Where Does Francis’ New Balance Leave Gays, Women? - 23 September 2013

Father Bernárd Lynch, an out gay Catholic priest and activist expelled last year from his religious order for his gay activism, led Dignity New York’s heroic AIDS ministry in the worst days of the epidemic in the 1980s. From his home in London, he wrote, “I, too, have read with an open and joyful heart what the pope has said. He certainly puts the person before the principle of Church teaching. This is a welcome change. Much, much more needs to be done to undo the hurt and harm of the last decades of unmitigated hostility toward LGBTQI people.

“For our brothers and sisters who died of HIV/ AIDS at the height of the pandemic –– assaulted on their death beds by Vatican teachings –– it makes no difference. They are with God. Those of us who ministered to them must insist reparation be made. Apologize Holy Father on behalf of the Church for the destruction of souls and bodies. Change the inhuman and un-Christian teachings immediately. Help with Vatican wealth those friends and lovers –– still wounded –– who try to live and love after them.”

The Irish World - Launch of Irish LGBT at Irish Embassy London - 17 October 2013

The Irish Ambassador Dan Mulhall hosted the launch of the Mind Yourself London Irish London Irish Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender group at the Irish Embassy in autumn 2013. It was the first time that the LGBT community was honoured in this way and more than 100 people enjoyed the hospitality of the Embassy and the wonderful insights of our three speakers. If you’d like to hear what the event’s three wonderful speakers had to say, please click the following links.
| Father Bernárd Lynch | Vanessa Lacey | Maureen Duffy |


The independent - Father Lynch: 'The Vatican has told them to get rid of me' by Peter Stanford - 8 April 2012

Irish Times - 'Sexuality, like priesthood, is a gift from God. Nobody would choose to be gay' by Patsy Mc Garry - 12 May 2012

The Irish Examiner - The joy of life regained by Richard Fitzpatrick - 17 May 2012

Midweek, Libby Purvis interview Fr Bernárd Lynch - 30 May 2012

The Clare People - The Mission, Fr Bernárd Lynch by Andrew Hamilton - 5 June 2012

Free Speech TV - Bernárd Lynch & his husband Billy Desmond are interviewed by Andy Humm & Ann Northrop - 5 June 2012

Stony Brook University Radio with Michael Boyajian - The Vatican and the LGBT Community - 8 June 2012

Gay City News - Committing the Sin of Honesty by Andy Humm - 21 June 2012

LBC Book Club - Iain Dale is joined by Bernárd Lynch & Lord Robert Skidelsky - 28th Jun 2012

The Huffington Post Queer Voices - Father Bernárd Lynch, Gay Catholic Priest, Reveals He's Married To A Man, Non-Celibate by Michelangelo Signorile - 10 July 2012

A Castaway Priest: Fr. Bernárd Lynch by Tony Adams - 1 August 2012


Secular Europe Campaign, Video, Fr Bernárd Lynch - 17 August 2011


Fr Bernárd Lynch speaking at 'Protest The Pope' - 18 September 2010